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Rugged 3U VPX H.265 (HEVC) or H.264 Video/Audio Encoder with Two 3G-SDI Inputs and CoT / KLV Metadata Insertion

Condor VPX-H265-SDI is a rugged 3U VPX H.265 (HEVC) / H.264 video/audio encoding and streaming solution that is designed to serve video transmission needs in harsh field environments. With low latency encoding, streaming and low power consumption, this unique product offers a powerful solution for customers designing VPX systems.

The product is ruggedized to survive harsh environments (shock, vibration, humidity) and temperatures from -40˚C to 85˚C (MIL-STD-810). The 1” pitch, 3U VPX form factor card is easy to integrate into a VPX system.

tyton vs2


Tyton VS2
Rugged H.265 (HEVC) Video Encoder with two 3G-SDI Inputs and CoT & KLV Metadata

Tyton VS2 is a powerful, stand-alone rugged H.265 (HEVC) / H.264 (AVC) video encoding & streaming solution that is designed to serve video transmission needs even when used in harsh field environments and temperatures from -45°C to 85°C. With internal bypass video outputs and low power consumption, Tyton VS2 is non-intrusive and feature rich. Tyton VS2 is capable of encoding two 3G-SDI, HD-SDI or SD-SDI video inputs simultaneously with low latency using the highly versatile and widely used video encoding standards H.265 (HEVC) and H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC). Tyton’s 8 dynamic encoding engines can create multiple individually configured encoded video streams per input.

CoT (Cursor-on-Target) and KLV (Key-Length-Value) metadata insertion is supported through RS-232 or Ethernet. AAC Audio Encoding of one stereo input is also supported. The 1Gbps Ethernet output provides all configured H.265 or H.264 MPEG-2 TS RTP/UDP streams over a single 1Gbps connection which can be received and decoded by a variety of external sources. Its rugged small form factor design makes it easy to use and integrate into any system design and meets the SWaP (size, weight & power) requirements of all the vertical markets.


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