Rugged LCD Monitors

Rugged Monitors Designed to Thrive in All Domains

Adaptable to all military environments, Talon rugged monitors act as a second line of visibility to mission operators and provide personnel with peace of mind knowing every detail captured is displayed accurately. Talon monitors are manufactured and tested 100% in-house by EIZO for complete customization and full quality control.

Developed using the latest image technology, our military-grade LCD monitors offer real-time image enhancement capabilities, surface coatings for optimal viewing clarity, and are compatible with Night Vision Goggles (NVIS) for nighttime missions.

32" Rugged Display COTS Monitor
Talon RGD3202W

Enhancing Mission Visibility with Unique Visual Technologies

Military personnel must be able to view raw data quickly and efficiently, and distinguish the most important information on screen to make critical assessments. Rugged monitors used in mission-critical environments must be intelligent enough to make real-time image adjustments so operators can respond to threats and complete tasks such as radar tracking.

EIZO offers its own unique image enhancement technology that increase mission situational awareness for raw video capture applications where a DVE (Degraded Visual Environment) is likely to occur. Talon offers optional image enhancement technology which analyzes and adjusts images pixel-by-pixel in real time and enhance the areas most difficult for the human eye to distinguish, allowing operators to see more clearly through visual deterrents such as fog, smoke, snow, and rain.

It is important to note that the image enhancement processing is completed within the monitor, meaning the original source data is not altered. Because Talon monitors carry out image enhancement on their own, they minimize the processing workload on other system components.

Improve Visibility in Low Lighting Conditions

The monitor detects areas of the image that are difficult to see due to low lighting conditions and corrects them to be more visible. It adjusts the brightness of each pixel to ensure dark areas are optimally corrected, while ensuring lighter areas do not become washed out. This is useful when viewing surveillance video at night or areas with little to no lighting.

Patent no. 5247910, 5470415 – Image processing for low lighting conditions is carried out based on the Retinex theory, where pixels are individually optimized.

Reduce Visual Impact of Atmospheric Haze

The monitor detects areas of the image that appear hazy due to fog, smoke, snow, or other environmental conditions and corrects them to be more visible. This is ideal when viewing video footage in outdoor environments.

Patent no. 6228670 – Image processing for low lighting conditions is carried out based on the Retinex theory, where pixels are individually optimized.

Demo Video: Real Time Video Enhancement

EIZO Image Optimization Feature

• Enhance visibility in dark conditions

• Enhance visibility in hazy conditions

• See details in color dominated images

• Reduced noise

Increase Visibility & Situational Awareness

Simultaneous Multi-Video Support

Modern mission displays must integrate with both new and old Video Distribution Systems (VDS) and allow for operator multi-tasking. Talon monitors have customizable I/O configurations and resolutions for a seamless install no matter how complex the VDS might be. 

Our Talon monitors provide flexible visibility for operators by providing multi-view windows of both live video and moving maps. Talon Monitors support multi-window configurations to view simultaneous video inputs such as Picture-by-Picture and Picture-in-Picture. 

32" Rugged Display
Talon RGD3202W Picture-by-Picture
MIL-STD Display
Talon RGD3202W Picture-in-Picture

LCD Advancements for Missions

There is no time to spare in mission-critical situations. Operators rely on the monitors to provide easy-to-read information without diminishing the accuracy of the data shown or the performance of the monitor itself. Talon monitors can be optimized for use in both high brightness and/or in very dark environments. Talon LCD screens can be customized with surface coatings such as Anti-Glare coating to help alleviate the stress on the operator’s eyes and provide a better image quality to make accurate decisions.

Our monitors are also compatible with Night Vision Goggles. EIZO carries out production for NVIS support in-house, including the measurement and adjustment of NVIS display characteristics for every unit. It is ideal for applications that require high-quality video display, such as target tracking, naval display systems, mobile command vehicles, ISR operations, and fire control platforms.

Military-Grade Touchscreen

A monitor’s panel is made of up several layers including the touch screen, filters, bonding material, and the liquid crystal cell unit. Combining them is an extremely sensitive process. To ensure the highest quality and long-term performance, we assemble our monitors in an ISO Class 1 clean room. EIZO offers projective capacitive (PCAP), surface capacitive, and resistive capacitive touchscreen options to meet the various needs of the defense and aerospace market. 

PCAP touchscreens are the most commonly used type of touchscreen function in the rugged market due to the solid optical bonded layer which results in an intuitive and accurate touch experience. PCAP touchscreens can be used with or without gloves, requires low touch pressure from the user, and operates well in direct sunlight.

Resistive capacitive touchscreens detect a change in pressure and electrode voltage. There is a small air gap in between the layers. This does raise risks for screen glare and reduced image quality. This type of touchscreen can be used with either a glove, hand, or stylus.

Surface capacitive touchscreens are often used in large LCD panel applications such as naval navigation systems. Surface capacitive touchscreen detects only one contact point at a time, cannot be used with gloves, and does not support multi-touch capabilities.

Importance Of Optical Bonding for Harsh Environments

Military-grade displays must be able to operate in harsh environments without sacrificing performance. EIZO has an in-house production line for optical bonding – a method with which to provide increased visibility and durability to LCD monitors. Producing optical bonding in-house allows EIZO to continue to meet the needs of military applications while ensuring each product maintains high quality standards.

What is Optical Bonding?

There is a small gap of air that lies between the LCD module and the cover glass or touch panel of a monitor. Optical bonding is a process in which a layer of resin is used to fill the gap, adhering the two together.

Increase Mission Efficiency with SwitchLink Technology

Integrated Internal Switching

The Talon RGD3202W offers EIZO’s SwitchLink internal switching management technology as an option. SwitchLink enables seamless switching of keyboard, mouse, and dynamic touch input without the need for an external KVM switch. Up to four video signal feeds can be connected to the monitor operated by a single keyboard and mouse.

The integration of SwitchLink eliminates the need for any external hardware and reduces the need for multiple LCD panels in a single workstation. This innovative technology maximizes operators’ performance, control, and visibility due to the ability to switch back and forth from different application types and operating systems with ease. With dynamic touch and customizable hotkeys, SwitchLink brings advanced functionalities to rugged mission displays.

Connect up to four disparate data systems or video sources.