High Precision Rugged LCD Monitors

Rugged LCD Monitors with Night Vision (NVIS) Support

EIZO’s LCD monitors are compatible with night vision goggles and can be used in both low-light and high bright settings. EIZO offers in-house production of NVIS support including measurement and adjustment of every unit.

Whether on the open sea or in a high-altitude aircraft, our monitors feature high brightness levels to ensure visibility even in challenging lighting conditions.

E-LFC for Sonar

Flicker exhibited by LCD displays can cause eye fatigue for operators and affect image clarity. To alleviate flicker in sonar images, EIZO developed its own flicker compensation algorithm called E-LFC (EIZO LCD Flicker Compensation), available as an option for Talon rugged monitors. This ensures sonar image data is more clear and discernible to the operator while addressing eye fatigue for more comfortable viewing.

Rugged_LCD_Monitor 24"

Monitors Designed to Maximize Mission Performance