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EIZO Releases SWaP-C Optimized 24-inch Rugged Monitor with 4K Resolution for Naval Display Systems and Airborne ISR

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EIZO Releases High-Performance, Low-Power Embedded XMC AI/GPGPU Processing Card Based on NVIDIA RTX Technology

EIZO Releases SOSA-Aligned 3U VPX Graphics Card Designed for High-Speed Sensor Processing Supporting the NVIDIA ConnectX-7 SmartNIC

EIZO Announces SOSA-Aligned High-Performance 3U VPX Single-Board Computer with NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin System-on-Module

EIZO Purchases New Office Building as Company Growth Accelerates the Demand for Larger Engineering and Production Spaces

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EIZO Releases Open 3U VPX Graphics Card Designed for AI-Accelerated GPGPU and Multi-Sensor Processing Systems Aligned with SOSA

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EIZO Releases First OpenVPX 3U Graphics Output Card Designed for Embedded GPGPU Processing and AI Applications Based on NVIDIA Ampere Architecture

EIZO Releases SOSA-Aligned OpenVPX 3U Graphics/GPGPU Card for Compute Processing and AI Applications in the Defense Market

EIZO Releases 6U OpenVPX/SOSA Aligned GPGPU Processing Card with Dual NVIDIA Turing RTX GPUs for Sensor and Data-Driven Missions

EIZO Rugged Solutions Honored by 2021 Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards for Condor NVP2102AxX

EIZO Releases 3U VPX Video Capture & GPGPU Card with Four 3G-SDI Inputs and Outputs Designed for HPEC Systems in ISR Markets

EIZO Expands Its Line of COTS Rugged Monitors with Three Customizable Models that Comply with MIL Standards

EIZO Releases 3U VPX Graphics/GPGPU Card with Three Outputs and Compute Power for Rugged AI at the Edge

EIZO Releases Rugged XMC Graphics/GPGPU Card with Field Programmable Configuration of Analog and Digital Outputs

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EIZO Releases Standalone 3G-SDI 1×4 Video Splitter with Built-In Signal Regeneration and MIL Standard Compliance

EIZO Releases 3U VPX Graphics/GPGPU Card Based on NVIDIA Turing (TU104) for AI Applications in the Defense Market

EIZO Releases Two 4K Encoding & Streaming Solutions Featuring the Industry’s Highest Lossless Compression Ratio for ATC

EIZO Joins The Open Group SOSA Consortium to Further the Development of Technology Standards for the Defense Market

EIZO Releases Industry’s First Rugged PCIe Graphics/GPGPU Card for Airborne/Naval ISR Applications

EIZO and Concurrent Technologies Announce High-Performance Single Slot 3U VPX CPU and GPGPU for Defense and Aerospace

EIZO Releases 6-Channel XMC Graphics/GPGPU Card for Simultaneous Capture of Analog/Digital Video and Audio with Low Latency

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EIZO Releases Chip Down NVIDIA Quadro P2000 (GP107) 3U VPX Graphics/GPGPU Card for Rugged Mil/Aero Applications

EIZO Releases Industry’s First 4-Channel 3G-SDI XMC Graphics/GPGPU Card based on NVIDIA Quadro P2000 (GP107)

EIZO Releases New Series of Rugged Monitors for Use in Harsh Environments

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EIZO Releases Chip-Down NVIDIA Quadro P2000 (GP107) XMC Graphics/GPGPU Cards for Rugged Airborne and Naval Applications

EIZO Releases 3U VPX Capture Board with Four 3G-SDI Inputs and Outputs

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EIZO Announces Tyton VS2X SWaP-Efficient Rugged H.265 (HEVC) Video Encoder with Four 3G-SDI or Composite TV Inputs

EIZO Announces Industry-First Rugged DisplayPort Video Format Converters for GPU Users Supporting Multiple New and Legacy Monitors

EIZO Rugged Solutions Announces CUDA-Based Single-Slot 3U VPX GPGPU/SBC Solution for SWaP-Conscious Airborne-ISR Customers

EIZO Rugged Solutions Announces World’s First 3U VPX H.265 (HEVC) Video Encoder with Dual 3G-SDI Inputs

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EIZO Rugged Solutions Announces Hydra 1004 3G-SDI 1×4 Video Splitter with Built-In Signal Regeneration

EIZO Rugged Solutions Announces Rugged H.265 (HEVC) Video Encoder with Dual 3G-SDI Inputs

EIZO Rugged Solutions Targets Avionics and Vetronics With Dual 3G-SDI Video Input and Output on Rugged XMC Graphics Card

Tech Source Changes Name to EIZO Rugged Solutions to Drive New Business in Global Rugged COTS Market

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Tech Source Unveils Condor VC100xX Fully Conduction Cooled H.264 XMC Video Encoder Card

Tech Source Unveils 3U VPX Condor 4000 Graphics Card for GPGPU Applications

Tech Source Releases CUDA-Powered Condor GR2 3U VPX GPGPU Graphics Card with General Purpose Processor

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Tech Source Releases Condor VC102x XMC Card that Alleviates Video Relay Bandwidth Hurdles

Tech Source Implements AMD Embedded Radeon E8860 GPU with Condor 4000x XMC Graphics/Video Card

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Tech Source adds Wind River VxWorks support to H.264 XMC video card to target safety critical markets

Tech Source targets 360º airborne surveillance applications with dual HD-SDI Condor 2106x XMC graphics card