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EIZO Rugged Solutions Announces Hydra 1004 3G-SDI 1x4 Video Splitter with Built-In Signal Regeneration

Hydra 1004
Hydra 1004
  • The Hydra 1004 rugged 3G-SDI splitter eases video distribution for airborne and ground-based applications

  • Built-in signal regeneration allows SDI signals to be retimed and conditioned to remove jitter/interference and ensure that video quality is not compromised

Altamonte Springs, Florida, November 2, 2016–EIZO Rugged Solutions Inc. (formerly Tech Source, Inc.) has introduced the Hydra 1004 – a 3G-SDI 1×4 video splitter designed to conform to MIL-STD-810G for modern rugged airborne and ground-based video distribution applications where 3G-SDI is becoming the interface of choice.

This rugged, small form factor device can act as an SDI splitter to distribute sensor data to multiple locations and as a repeater, ensures that video quality is not compromised when distributed over longer distances. The Hydra 1004’s built-in signal regeneration capability retimes and conditions the SDI signals to remove jitter and interference.

Selwyn L. Henriques, president and CEO of EIZO Rugged Solutions, commented, “Hydra 1004 was developed in response to our rugged avionics and defense customers who are adopting 3G-SDI as their interface of choice due to its size, weight, and power (SWaP) profile and price advantage compared with ARINC 818, RGB, and DVI interfaces. This is one of several 3G-SDI based innovative products that are underway.”

“We have packed a lot of features into this product, making it easy and cost-effective for customers using 3G-SDI to distribute high quality video to different locations. For example, in an avionics application, Hydra 1004 might be used to distribute sensor data to the cockpit, to a mission control display, to a data recorder for mission analysis and/or to a communications system for ground transmission.”

The Hydra 1004 is designed for high reliability and has been subjected to stringent stress, regression, and aging testing so that it can withstand the harshest of environments and the long life cycle (over ten years) typical of many military and aerospace programs. It supports a high operating temperature range (-40 to 85°C), shock (up to 40g) and vibration (0.1g²/Hz).

The Hydra 1004 features one 3G-SDI (HD-SDI or SD-SDI) video input (BNC) and this is split into four 3G-SDI outputs (BNC) for viewing or distribution. All connectors, including the power, are front-facing for ease of mounting.

The Hydra 1004 is the latest in a family of 3G-SDI products developed by EIZO Rugged Solutions. Other products include the Tyton VS2 rugged H.265 (HEVC)/H.264 video encoder with dual 3G-SDI inputs and the Condor™ 4107xX dual 3G-SDI video input and output XMC graphics card.

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