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Tech Source Unveils Condor 4000 3U VPX Graphics Card for GPGPU Applications

Condor 4000 3U VPX
  • Condor 4000 3U OpenVPX card delivers 768/48 GFLOPS of peak single/double precision floating point performance with AMD Radeon E8860 GPU at its core

Altamonte Springs, Florida, May 21, 2015 – Tech Source Inc., an independent supplier of high performance embedded video, graphics and high-end computing solutions, released the Condor 4000 3U VPX form factor graphics/video card.

Designed for compute-intensive General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit (GPGPU) applications deployed in avionics and military technology, the Condor 4000 3U VPX graphics card delivers up to 768/48 GFLOPS of peak single/double precision floating point performance and 640 shaders with the AMD Radeon E8860 GPU at its core.

The Condor 4000 3U VPX card is for seriously high end graphics, parallel processing and situational awareness image and sensor processing applications such as radar, sonar, video streaming and unmanned systems.  The new card operates at higher speeds than an XMC form factor equivalent card as it occupies a dedicated slot to allow for better cooling which enables it to run at 45 Watts full power.

Selwyn L. Henriques, president and CEO of Tech Source Inc., commented, “Our GPGPU customers want every ounce of performance they can get. So, this 3U VPX graphics card is an attractive option as it delivers 60 percent better performance than the previous generation.” 

The Condor 4000 3U VPX board is fully conduction cooled and has 6 digital video outputs (2 x DVI and 4 x DisplayPort) available from the rear VPX P2 connector on the card. It also features 2 GB of GDDR5 memory and supports the latest versions of the APIs such as OpenGL 4.2, DirectX 11.1, OpenCL 1.2 and DirectCompute 11 for GPGPU computing.

The Condor 4000 3U VPX card is available with Linux and Windows drivers by default and other real time operating systems such as VxWorks may be supported. Tech Source offers 15 year product support and a board customizing service for those with specialized requirements.

Tech Source has been developing graphics solutions for air traffic control, military, and embedded applications for over 28 years. The ISO9001:2008 certified company offers a range of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products targeted at GPGPU applications, video capture, compression, encoding, streaming and recording. Key markets include airborne, shipboard, unmanned systems, and ground-based systems.

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