ATC Solutions

Meeting the Needs of Any ATC Environment

EIZO provides air traffic control centers, towers, and training & simulation facilities with a wide range of monitors, encoding & streaming solutions, graphics boards, and a data capture & content management solution that fulfill the diverse requirements of each environment. EIZO’s products are relied on by some of the world’s most demanding ANSPs (Air Navigation Service Providers) for the safe and efficient movement of air traffic worldwide.

Primary Control Monitors

EIZO has been an industry leader in the innovation and development of quality 2K primary control monitors for mission-critical ATC since 2005 with its Raptor series. Backed by over 50 years of expertise in visual solutions, EIZO also introduced the world’s first 4K x 2K monitor developed specifically for ATC, which offers a new way for ATCOs to view primary control data.

Tower Monitors

EIZO’s Raptor tower monitors provide exceptional readability of text and images in varying ambient lighting conditions, making them ideal for tower applications. They are customizable to meet the specific needs of individual towers including mounting options, cabinet color, and more.

Auxiliary Monitors

EIZO’s comprehensive lineup of auxiliary monitors provides control centers, towers, and training & simulation facilities with a wide range of monitor sizes and features sets. Both standard and touch panel monitors are available.

Encoding & Streaming Solutions

EIZO has been a pioneer in visual graphics hardware solutions for the ATC market since 1987. Its industry-leading Re/Vue line of encoding & streaming solutions provide the accuracy and dependability needed for mission-critical ATC.

Data Capture & Content Management Solution

SafeGuard is an end-to-end system that provides a highly secure archive supporting the management, analysis, and distribution of data for industries facilitating Post Incident Investigation, Search & Rescue Operations, Training & Performance Analysis, and Verification & Validation.

Primary Control Graphics Cards

The 4th generation Raptor series of high-resolution graphics boards and associated drivers are developed in-house for ATC, military, and command & control applications and meet the specifications required for mission-critical environments. Over 15,000 boards have been deployed in various ATC centers around the world.

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