Radar Processing

Cambridge Pixel is an award-winning developer of radar and camera acquisition, processing, tracking and display solutions for naval, ATC, security and maritime applications.

EIZO Rugged Solutions is the sole distributor in North America (USA & Canada) of Cambridge Pixel’s hardware and software solutions for sensor processing and display. Our flexible and modular product design allows system integrators to select the components they need and build them into their solution or in many cases choose a ready-made application.

Cambridge Pixel HPx-410 Radar Input Card with x4 PCI Express Interface

SPx Software

Custom configurable modular software solutions for radar and video acquisition, processing and display for system integrators and developers to build into their own solution.

  • Radar scan conversion
  • Tracking (from primary or IFF)
  • Sensor fusion
  • Radar video distribution
  • Recording and replay
  • Simulation

HPx Radar Interface Hardware

Radar interface hardware for use with many different types of radar, from small marine radars to large air surveillance and from legacy military radars to modern solid state radars.

  • PCI, PCIe, PMC radar input cards
  • Analog to network (ASTERIX) radar converters (box or rackmount)
  • Synchro to parallel or ACP/ARP
  • Analog radar video output cards

Display Applications

Radar and video display solutions available as complete applications for Windows.

  • Radar Display
  • Maritime Surveillance
  • Air Situation Display
  • Video Surveillance Display
  • Unmanned surface Vessel Display
  • Maritime Display Framework
  • Custom Applications

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SPx Software

Tracking, Fusion & Distribution

SPx Tracker-3D is a software-based radar tracker for applications of 3D tracking and tracking from electronically scanned (non rotating) radars. The software receives plot detections from the radar sensor to create and maintain target tracks, which can then be output in ASTERIX format for external display or fusion processing.

3D Radar Tracker


Display Applications

RadarView-240 is a free application for the receipt and display of ASTERIX CAT-240 radar video. It receives standard ASTERIX CAT-240 radar video on a configurable IP address and port, scan converting it into a PPI format and displaying it in a window. This application is ideal for radar manufacturers and developers who work with the standard, developing new radars and building radar display applications.

ASTERIX is a standard for the exchange of air traffic services (ATS) information. It is developed and maintained by the European ATS organization Eurocontrol. Increasingly, radar manufacturers and display providers are adopting ASTERIX standards for exchange of radar information, because of the benefits standardised practices bring such as inter-operability and efficiency of development. Cambridge Pixel has been supporting ASTERIX standards since 2009 to ensure the SPx software solutions are compatible with the widest range of radars possible.

Cambridge Pixel's RadarView-240

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