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cm_logo.jpg Cambridge Pixel provides sensor acquisition, processing, tracking, distribution, AIS, TV video, and display solutions for applications in military naval command and control, air traffic control (ATC), vessel traffic (VTS), ECDIS, security, airborne and other military radar applications. Website: www.cambridgepixel.com

Cambridge Pixel Products



RS-100 - Primary Radar Record and Replay
Cambridge Pixel's RS-100 product family provides a ready-to-run desktop unit for record and replay of primary radar video with related AIS and NMEA navigation data. The system is offered in a range of variants to provide an integrated all-in-one desktop unit for developers working with primary radar. Alternatively, RS-100 can provide separate radar record and replay units, to permit capture of data from one location and replay in another. For further information see www.cambridgepixel.com/products/RS-100-Radar-Record-Replay/



ASD-100 - Air Situation Display Application
ASD-100 is Cambridge Pixel's PC-based air surveillance display application for both primary and secondary radar data. It is a complete ready-to-run Windows application for display of radar and associated information, including: radar video, tracks and safety alarms. ASD-100 is designed principally for military air surveillance and ATC applications, it runs on any modern Windows (7/8/8.1) PC, accepting input data from the network in open ASTERIX formats. For further information see www.cambridgepixel.com/products/ASD-100-Air-Situation-Display/


Spx 200px SPx Radar Processing and Display Software
SPx is Cambridge Pixel's integrated radar processing and display software based on COTS software and Open Standards. Available as single modules to add capability to your existing application, or a fully interoperable suite that forms a stand-alone application, SPx is modular, flexible and extensible to meet your needs. With SPx you are in control of the final application. For further information see www.cambridgepixel.com/products/SPx-Radar-Software/


Scan converter 200px SPx Radar Scan Conversion
Cambridge Pixel is a world-leading supplier of advanced radar display solutions. Cambridge Pixel supplies ready-to-run applications, such as RadarView and SPx Server, which include radar display or component modules as part of the SPx Development Library that add radar display into your own Linux or Windows application software. The SPx scan-converter is state-of-the-art COTS software providing a high-performance, cost-effective radar scan conversion capability for Windows and X11 graphical environments. The scan conversion software exploits the power of modern multi-core processors and graphics processor units (GPUs) to provide high performance, flexibility, low cost and freedom from proprietary hardware. For further information see www.cambridgepixel.com/products/Radar-Scan-Conversion/


SPx Server SPx Server
SPx Server, a component of the Cambridge Pixel SPx radar processing family, is a COTS primary radar data extractor and target tracker. Interfacing to hardware or network radar video, SPx Server accepts polar format radar video and processes it to identify targets, which are then correlated from scan to scan to output positional and motion updates. The software is highly configurable and may be used to identify target-like shapes according to defined rules. These candidate tracks may be output directly after detection, for example into an existing correlator, or may be further processed by SPx Server using a track filter. For further information see www.cambridgepixel.com/products/SPx-Server/


hpx.jpg HPx Radar Interface Hardware
The HPx series of radar interface cards provide a PCI, PCIe and PMC primary radar capture capability. Cambridge Pixel offer drivers for Linux and Windows and an associated low-level API interface using C/C++ classes. In many applications, the HPx card is used with Cambridge Pixel radar server or display products to provide a complete sensor-to-display processing chain. For further information see www.cambridgepixel.com/products/HPx-Radar-Interface-Hardware/


map charts 200px RadarView
RadarView is a PC-based radar video visualisation package that allows primary radar video to be captured, processed and scan-converted. RadarView is a complete ready-to-run application package that uses low-lost PC processing and display software. The software can receive radar video direct from a network connection (using one of a number of proprietary network formats provided by radar manufacturers, or using video provided from a remote SPx Server application) or else the card may be teamed with the HPx-200 radar capture card for a complete capture and display package. For further information see www.cambridgepixel.com/products/RadarView/.


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Open Standards for the Provision of Radar Video and Tracks


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