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Raptor GFX 440/42
High Resolution Quad Graphics Boards
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 Main Features

  • Supports up to 4 analog or 4 digital DVI displays
  • Supports simultaneous 8 and 24-bit depth/colors
  • Resolutions up to 1920 × 1080 analog, and 1280 × 1024 digital
  • 250 MHz RAMDAC to ensure flicker-free displays
  • DDC automatic configuration for optimal monitor resolution and settings
  • Compatible with Sun Microsystems Xinerama


As the amount of information displayed continues to garner most of our available screen real estate, an increasing number of customers are looking to expand their desktops to accommodate their needs. In response to this challenge, the EIZO Rugged Solutions Raptor GFX 440 and Raptor GFX 420 graphics boards offers an extremely viable and cost effective solution via multi-monitor support from a single PCI card.

Now, in the world's busiest financial markets and data control centers, the Raptor GFX 400 Series is enhancing user productivity by providing reliable and extended display real estate via multi-monitor graphics solutions for Sun Microsystems PCI-based platforms. Financial traders, desktop publishers, digital content creators, video editors, and medical imaging technicians, among others, are all discovering the real-world benefits of multi-monitor display systems.

Providing high-quality 2D graphics, high performance video acceleration, and razor sharp image quality, the Raptor GFX 440 and Raptor GFX 420 rank as the first Solaris Ready graphics boards ever to support up to four DVI digital flat panel monitors on a single PCI card.


On-Board Memory Raptor GFX 420 – 64 MB (32 MB per channel) Raptor GFX 440 – 128MB (32 MB per channel) 

Video Interfaces


Raptor GFX 420 – 2 analog or 2 DVI
Raptor GFX 440 – 4 analog or 4 DVI
or (2 analog + 2 DVI)
Refresh Rates Up to 85 Hz

Maximum Analog Resolution

1920 × 1080 @ 24 bpp

Maximum Digital Resolution

1280 × 1024 @ 24 bpp

Physical Connections

Up to 2 custom dual-monitor analog or DVI cables with LHF-60 connectors to the card

PCI Interface

33 MHz, 32-bit, Revision 2.1



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