• Raptor GFX 450
Raptor GFX 450
High Resolution PCI Graphics Board
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 Main Features

  • Single slot PCI card with 32 MB memory
  • One DVI-I output (Digital or Analog)
  • Secondary HD-15 analog output
  • 8-bit and 24-bit simultaneous visuals
  • Efficient offscreen memory
  • Resolutions up to 1920 × 1200 (analog) and 1280 × 1024 digital
  • Transparency & translucency
  • 8+24 Bit Mode
  • 8+8 Bit Mode


General  Desktop Users
Desktop  Publishing
Financial  Institutions
Multiple Display Applications
Imaging  Applications

Software Drivers

Raptor GFX 450 Drivers
Loadable Drivers and DDX for Sun PCI Systems (Ultra workstations and Enterprise servers) Running Solaris 2.6, 2.7, 2.8 and 9.


The Raptor GFX 450 is a high performance PCI graphics card for Sun Microsystems workstations and enterprise servers. It is aimed at enhancing productivity in a wide variety of applications such as financial trading, desktop publishing, digital content creation, video editing and health care imaging.

With both an analog HD-15 output and a digital DVI-I output, the GFX 450 can support digital as well as analog monitors, and both monitors can be connected at the same time.

Providing high-quality 2D graphics, high performance video acceleration and razor sharp image quality, the GFX 450 is among the first graphics boards ever to support DVI digital flat panel monitors on a single PCI card.


Frame  Buffer Size 32 MB
Color  Lookup Table(s) 256  entries
PCI  Interface 33 MHz,32-bit, Ver 2.1
Video  Interface Analog (50 ohm) TMDS (DVI)
Temperature  Rating  0° to 55° C operating
-40° to 75° non-operating
Humidity Rating 10%  to 90% operating (non-condensing)
Video  Connector 15pin D shell VGA (×1), DVI-I (×1)
Video  sync Separate, composite
Hardware Cursor 3 color, 64 × 64 bitmap
Power  Rating +5V  @ 3 Amps
Physical 149.8 mm × 99.52 mm (5.90" × 3.8")
Boot support IEEE1275 compliant F code


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