Video Processing. The Condor XMC/VPX video capture products offer high resolution video capture, both in raw and H.264 formats, over Ethernet or Through the host machine for futher processing.

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Condor GR4 3U VPX (NVIDIA Quadro P5000 or P3000) new_small.gif

Rugged 3U VPX graphics, GPGPU and video capture card with NVIDIA CUDA support

The Condor GR4 3U VPX is a rugged 3U VPX graphics, GPGPU and video capture card based on the NVIDIA® Quadro® P5000 or P3000 (GP104) GPUs. The boards use the latest NVIDIA® Pascal™ GPU architecture to offer very high performance graphics and GPGPU capability with CUDA® support (up to 6.4 TFLOPs floating-point performance) for the embedded / rugged market. Four 3G-SDI video inputs and outputs and a DisplayPort output are supported. The board is targeted at GPGPU applications where video data required to be captured, displayed and possibly encoded or decoded on the same card. NVIDIA® GPUDirect™ DMA allows the captured video data to be sent to GPU memory directly with minimal latency. The boards have 16 GB (P5000) or 6 GB (P3000) of GDDR5 graphics memory and have 2048 (P5000) or 1280 (P3000) CUDA® cores depending on which GPU is selected. For product customizations, please contact us.


Condor VC100x

Condor VC100 XMC Series H.264 Compression

H.264 Compatible Video Capture XMC with up to 4 Video Inputs
The Condor VC100x XMC product is a video capture and compression card that has been designed for use in various applications such as surveillance, image detection, video recording, unmanned vehicles (UAV) and other camera based video recording/analysis applications.


Condor 2100 XMC Series Graphics and Video Capture

Condor 2100 XMC Series Graphics and Video Capture

Video Capture and Graphics Solution for Embedded System Applications
The Condor 2100 XMC Series Graphics and Video Capture is a high performance graphics card that also supports two inputs. This XMC-based card supports both inputs and outputs of various formats, including PAL, NTSC, RGB, DVI, STANAG and RS-170. Applications include surveillance, UAV, and intelligence gathering. The video from the inputs can be displayed on either graphics output or captured frame by frame, for processing, compression, or data transfer. API is provided to integrate the solution into customer applications. This product is customizable and several variants are already available. Please email.


Cambridge Pixel Product



SPx AV is Cambridge Pixel's audio and video streaming, processing and display software. It allows audio and video data from multiple sources to be compressed, distributed, processed and recorded. The software is available as an executable application (SPx AV-Server) and as a middleware library, allowing system integrators to develop their own applications. For further information see


White Paper

Challenges in Relaying Video Back To Mission Control (PDF: 13.9 MB)


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