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All our products in one place. From military-grade LCD monitors to rugged 3U VPX graphics cards, you can find all of EIZO’s defense electronics in this one PDF.

Talon LCD Monitor Brochure

The Talon series of COTS rugged LCD monitors offer a range of sizes, screen resolutions, built-in image enhancement technology, and feature customizable LCD panel options.

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About This Webinar

As AI becomes more pervasive in computing solutions, it’s only natural that it would become part of the conversation when discussing the implementations within the world of SOSA. This webinar will examine how it is being designed into SOSA modules, with a specific focus on RF and AI solutions.


Experts from Concurrent Technologies, Elma Electronic, and EIZO Rugged will discuss in-depth how different components of a modular open architecture system can deliver convincing AI solutions – where do GPGPUs excel along with their software options; what advantages do CPU and FPGA designs have in AI, and what challenges can occur when integrating a system aligned to SOSA to meet the inevitable cooling challenges. 


A deeper dive will discuss how the Expansion Plane is used for PCIe GPGPU solutions, how accelerators can be implemented on FPGA-enabled plug-in cards (PICs), examine the architecture topologies are needed to select the right backplane, and review the heat dissipation required in an integrated subsystem. Specific target applications will also be addressed.


For information about each EIZO Rugged Solutions’ product, please download the Datasheet for the respective product below or on the product page itself. The Datasheet will contain a photo, description, specifications chart and additionally may contain a block diagram or application diagram.

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