Raptor GFX 220, 240 Drivers

Driver: Download the latest version of Raptor GFX 200 drivers – mkrv1.4.tar.gz (1,995 KB)

Boards Supported: Raptor GFX 220 and Raptor GFX 240

Operating Systems  Supported: Solaris 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, 9

Description: This  software is provided in Sun's pkgadd format and consists of kernel
Drivers and X Window (DDX) drivers that support the GFX 200 Series graphics accelerators. The software supports simultaneous 8 & 24 bit visuals (in the X server)
and is optimized for best possible performance.

Installation Instructions:
1. First, you must uncompress the tar file that you downloaded. For  example:
prompt%  uncompress mkrv1.4.tar.Z

2. Next, you need  to untar the file. For example:
prompt%  tar xvf mkrv1.4.tar

3. Follow the  instructions in the README file.