GFX OpenWindows V2.1

The GFX OpenWindows software comes in two versions - Bundled and Unbundled. Bundled software is included with the OEM operating system distribution  media. Unbundled software is provided by the manufacturer (i.e. Tech  Source or your vendor). The unbundled version is discussed here.

NOTE FOR SOLARIS 8 and 9 USERS: The software on this page WILL NOT work on Solaris 8 or 9. The software for the GFX cards on Solaris 8 and 9 is bundled with the Sun distribution and the packages are included in your OS software. You can get more information and download the packages directly from this website from the GFX Drivers for Solaris 8 and 9 page.

Driver: Download the latest version of GFX OpenWindows (Unbundled):
(909 KB)

Boards  Supported: Raptor GFX 8P, PGX32, Raptor GFX 8P Dual Channel, Raptor GFX 8P DV

Operating  Systems Supported: Solaris 2.5.1, 2.6 and 2.7

Description: This software is provided in Sun's pkgadd  format and consists of kernel drivers and X Window (DDX) drivers that  support the list of graphics accelerators mentioned above in Ultra workstations (5, 10, 30, 60, 80) and Enterprise servers (E250, E450,  E3500, E4500). The software supports simultaneous 8 & 24 bit visuals  (in the X server) on most cards and is optimized for best possible performance.

Installation Instructions: 
1. First, you must uncompress the tar file that you downloaded from this  site. For example:
prompt%  uncompress gfxOWv21.tar.Z

2. Next, you need to untar the file. For example:
prompt%  tar xvf gfxOWv21.tar

3. Finally, you install the software using the install_all script, included with every driver download. You must be root to perform the  installation. To install the software, type: prompt#  ./install_all

EIZO Rugged Solutions recommends that you always install the latest available patch.

Patches  Available:
Unbundled Software Patch
Bundled Software Patches